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Forest Travel shares destinations for adventurers looking to get out into the great outdoors in America. Forest Travel is an industry-leading vacation provider providing members with ideas on where to take an adventurous vacation this year.

Topping off this list are getaways to the states of Utah and Montana. These rugged destinations in the United States are perfect for exploring and experiencing all that nature offers. They also both offer incredible natural scenery and many distinct and stunning vistas.

Sunrise At Mesa Arch In Canyonlands National Park Near Moab, Uta

Forest Travel Shares Destinations for Adventurers

Forest Travel members layer praise on the expansive outdoors of Utah. This beautiful state has been raved about as one of the country’s most exciting places to explore. Utah is a real playground for outdoor adventurers, as travelers will enter a land of endless possibilities.

Members who love to ski often fall in love with the state’s vast mountain ranges. Often referred to as having the best snow in the world, Park City is a must for travelers that want to hit the slopes. Forest Travel offers members spectacular accommodations with breathtaking views of nature throughout the state.

Forest Travel Shares Destinations for Adventurers 3

For summer adventurers, whitewater rafting is a must-try. Navigating down a river is an excellent activity for the entire family. The Wild West tours are also great for history enthusiasts, and Utah is famous for the friendliness and expertise of its outdoor adventure guides. Both state and national parks are scattered around the state and offer excellent trails for hiking, biking or just walking through the incredible landscape.

Forest Travel knows that its members love to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and find themselves in a secluded paradise off of the beaten path. Montana is perfect for those who desire both adventure and seclusion.

Montana offers expansive prairie lands and lush forests full of wildlife. Accommodations in Montana range from luxury to rustic, and some even combine both. Montana is also known for its old-west charm, breathtaking hiking trails, and scenic national parks.

Forest Travel reviews enthusiastically recommend members visit Glacier National Park in the northwestern part of the state. Here, travelers can view deer, elk, bears, wolves, and more, all in a breathtaking landscape.

Forest Travel Shares Destinations for Adventurers

Forest Travel knows how to develop dream vacation packages for travelers of all preferences. Utah and Montana are perfect for those who love outdoor adventure, regardless of season.

As a well-respected luxury vacation provider, Forest Travel has highlighted some incredible outdoor destinations for adventurous travelers in the United States in the past, and according to many reviews, these two states are excellent options for outdoor enthusiasts.

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