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Forest Travel reviews often invite its many members and guests to see the beauty of undersea life at the Mazatlán Aquarium. The Gulf of California, or as it is also known as the Sea of Cortez, is truly a special place.

A number of different species of fish call these waters home, and due to the warm, calm, and clear waters, it has often been referred to as the world’s largest natural aquarium. Forest Travel reviews from its members highly recommend families visit the Mazatlán Aquarium.

Forest Travel Reviews Recommends the Mazatlán Aquarium 4

Forest Travel Reviews Recommends the Mazatlán Aquarium

The aquarium showcases a wide variety of Gulf of California fish and is also the home of Latin America’s largest “Seawater” fish tank! Being a coastal city, showcasing the sea life that is found just off the shore in Mazatlán is an important part of the city’s economy.

Visiting the aquarium is a fun activity for adults and, of course, children. One of the most popular attractions is the glass tunnel, where guests really enjoy walking through and see a variety of striped fish and sea creatures.

Forest Travel reviews Recommend the Mazatlán Aquarium for many reasons, including that it also knows that a visit to the aquarium is definitely a shark lover’s dream! The Mazatlán Aquarium features an attraction in which visitors (in a safety capsule, of course) are immersed in the water to feed the different species of sharks that call the aquarium home.

Some of the species found at the aquarium are black nose shark and white-tip sharks; there are also several other species of shark and fish at the aquarium.

Forest Travel Reviews Recommends the Mazatlán Aquarium 2

Forest Travel Reviews Visiting Mazatlan

Forest Travel reviews also like to point out that there are several other popular attractions at the aquarium. Some of these exhibits and attractions include the sea lions, bird show, and snorkeling in the ray tank among others. The Mazatlán aquarium is truly a fun filled experience that families will remember and enjoy!

In addition to having fun and seeing all of the wonderful species that call the waters off Mazatlán home, a visit to the aquarium is extremely educational. Depending on the time of the year guests visit Mazatlán, baby sea turtles can sometimes be released while in Mazatlán, and of course, at the aquarium, information on the different species of turtles can always be found on display.

Forest Travel Reviews Recommends the Mazatlán Aquarium

Forest Travel reviews give the best hope that visitors enjoy Mazatlán, as this activity will not disappoint. Forest Travel is a global leader in providing excellent vacation experiences at very affordable prices for its memberds and guests.

Our dedicated staff continually strives to enhance its member services and guest experiences. Forest Travel reviews always help members stay updated on the most recent news, make reservations, and learn more about our many vacation destinations.

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