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Forest Travel Reviews will show you the top sights and sounds of the city you wish to visit. A town in the South is like a dream come true.

It has big old homes, a park with a fountain, moss-draped trees, and cobbled streets next to the water. In Georgia, this is one of the best things to do.

All the things together make it even better. People in Savannah say Forest Travel Reviews live on the Atlantic coast next to South Carolina.

It’s at the mouth of the Savannah River on the Atlantic coast. This is why it was the first town in North America to have a plan. There are a lot of beautiful historic squares in the city, which is why.

The Savannah Historic District and Bull Street

The best approach to learning about the good-preserved Savannah Historic District is to walk across Bull Street and the minor roads that branch off in every direction from the main road.

Forest Travel Reviews Savannah, Georgia 2

The City Hall building, located at Bull and Bay Streets, was constructed in 1905. The United States Customs House is just across the street from City Hall. It was built in 1852 on the location of the colony’s original public building, which had been demolished.  

Forsyth Park

As the city’s largest and most popular park, Forsyth Park is where most people go—built around 1850 when extensive gardens were trendy in cities all over America. It’s a big hit with both tourists and people who live here.

Forest Travel Reviews Savannah, Georgia 4

The most important thing about the park is the fountain. Park’s north end was added in 1858 and has been its main feature ever since. There have been a few times when things have been fixed.  

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is home to some magnificent masonry monuments. A well-known historic cemetery, it is one of the most famous landmark cemeteries in the nation.

The grounds are pretty stunning, with massive oak trees draped in moss. This location may be familiar to anyone who has read or seen the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The River Street

People walk down iron steps from Factors Walk to Savannah’s historic riverfront district, which is always busy. There are a lot of old warehouses that are well-preserved in the neighborhood.

Forest Travel Reviews say many of these warehouses have been turned into shops, restaurants, and hotels, and they look like they used to be warehoused. This is a great place to go at night or day. This is because a new hundred-million-dollar project has included even more amusing stuff to do on the south shore of the Savannah River.

Forest Travel Reviews Conclusion

Savannah has many fun things to do for people who have never been there. This list comprises old and new things, so don’t worry. Savannah has much to offer; these must-sees will help you get the desired experience.

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Few places in the country’s southern part are as southern as Savannah. As a place to walk, it’s much better than Charleston and New Orleans. It’s also not as pricey as Charleston and not as crowded as New Orleans.

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